Austinite featured on new season of ‘Real World’

Madison, an Austinite, is among the housemates this season on MTV's 'Real World.'
Madison, an Austinite, is among the housemates this season on MTV’s ‘Real World.’

The 30th season of “Real World” is set to debut Tuesday, featuring an Austinite.

The show, which focuses on the exploits of a group of strangers forced to live together, is set in Chicago this time around.

Each of the seven housemates this season has a “skeleton in the closet,” according to producers. One, for example, was hit by a car and had to teach himself to walk again.

The Austinite is 23-year-old Madison. Here’s how she’s described in promotional materials: “This flirty, gorgeous yet naïve blonde with the bubbly personality is known for stealing guys’ hearts. After recovering from a six-year battle with drug addiction, Madison now describes herself as a ‘newborn;’ looking to build close female friendships, and finding herself again.”

Madison isn’t the first Austinite to be featured on the show. Many others have popped up over the years, including Kevin Dunn, who now anchors on the Longhorn Network. “Real World” even filmed a season here about a decade ago.

‘Real World: Skeletons’

9 p.m. Tuesday


Author: Gary Dinges

Gary Dinges covers bars/restaurants, movies, music, radio and TV -- plus a bunch of other fun stuff -- for the Austin American-Statesman.

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