‘Stripped’ at SXSW: Bravo TV shows some skin

The ‘Stripped’ street team is hitting downtown Austin Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

A team from cable network Bravo was turning more than a few heads outside the Austin Convention Center Saturday afternoon.

Members, at first glance, appeared to be naked, but a closer look revealed they had on flesh-colored undies covering all the essential areas needed to avoid arrest on indecency charges.

They’re here, roaming the streets of downtown Austin Saturday and Sunday, to promote “Stripped,” a new show set to debut this summer.

While the name, at first glance, might lead you to believe the show is about strippers or something along those lines, that’s actually not the case at all. Instead, people on “Stripped” have their most beloved possessions taken away for 21 days.

They are, in essence, stripped of their belongings.

“We really wanted to reflect what the show is about,” said Adam Zeller, vice president of social media for Bravo and sister network Oxygen. “It’s a thought-provoking, humorous journey that makes people more aware.”

As men and women, young and old, snapped photos with the models and grabbed temporary “Stripped” tattoos, Zeller and the Bravo team said they were pleased with the early reaction to their stunt.

“There’s a lot of stopping, a lot of staring,” Zeller said.

And Saturday’s rain?

“That just adds an additional layer to what we’re doing,” he said.

Author: Gary Dinges

Gary Dinges covers bars/restaurants, movies, music, radio and TV -- plus a bunch of other fun stuff -- for the Austin American-Statesman.

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