Owner of KXAN posts third-quarter loss

Even though revenue increased, Austin-based LIN Media reported a third quarter loss of $20.4 million, the company said Thursday.

KXAN is one of three Austin stations owned by LIN Media.

LIN owns or operates 43 TV stations nationwide, including three in Austin: NBC affiliate KXAN, CW affiliate KNVA and MyNetworkTV affiliate KBVO.

The loss was the result of a revaluation of WISH, a station LIN owns in Indianapolis, Ind., that will lose its long-standing CBS affiliation next year.

The impending change, which will strip the station of valuable network programming such as “The Big Bang Theory” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” decreased WISH’s value by $60.9 million, LIN said.

The net loss per diluted share works out to 49 cents, compared to net income per diluted share of $2.63 during the same quarter last year.

LIN, which is in the process of being acquired by Virginia-based Media General, reported third quarter revenue of $192.1 million, an 18 percent year-over-year increase.

“Continued growth and expansion of our digital media business, robust political advertising and increasing subscriber fees helped drive our strong results during the third, and likely final quarter before we close on our merger with Media General,” LIN president and CEO Vincent Sadusky said in a written statement. “This is an exciting time as we prepare to combine and create one of the largest broadcast companies in the U.S., with the largest and most diversified digital business in our industry. I have great confidence in our ability to successfully execute our integration plans and capitalize on numerous growth opportunities.”

LIN stock closed at $23.48 Thursday, up 23 cents.

Jerry Springer checks out Austin’s ‘baggage’

Jerry Springer (Associated Press)
Jerry Springer (Associated Press)

Austin is Jerry Springer’s kind of town.

We are, after all, more than a little, well, weird. And we’re pretty darn proud of it.

So, it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that the outlandish host visited the city to shoot a few episodes of his new dating show, “Baggage on the Road,” which recently got a 20-episode order from the Game Show Network.

Springer and his producers set out last month to find mates for some sexy singles with various quirks — “baggage” — that have made dating difficult for them. They plan to do the same in Baton Rouge, La., and two other yet-to-be-named cities.

A premiere date hasn’t been announced yet.

With his over-the-top talk show now in its 24th year, Springer says nothing really surprises him anymore. Not even Austinites’ baggage.

“Everyone has baggage,” Springer said. “Usually, though, you don’t find out until six months — or six years — into a relationship. We’re speeding things up.”

Springer says he was the logical choice to serve as host.

“I’m the king of baggage,” he said. “It was pretty obvious.”

Just like his talk show, Springer promises everything you see on “Baggage on the Road” is “truthful — and outrageous.”

“These are just regular people,” he said. “I’ve never met a human being who couldn’t be on my show. Everyone has something in their life they’re dealing with — some of us just had a better gene pool with better parents.”

“The Jerry Springer Show,” which airs locally at noon weekdays on CW affiliate KNVA-TV, was just renewed until 2018, so plan on meeting plenty more “regular people” in the years to come. It’s a job Springer, a former TV newscaster and politician, never could have imagined.

“I’m living this incredible, lucky, charmed life,” he said. “I’ve got no talent, and yet I’m making my living in show business.”

‘The Jerry Springer Show’

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